5 questions to Philipp Schall, Tellux Next, about Blautopf VR

Philipp Schall is the managing director of Tellux Next GmbH. He presented his project “Blautopf VR” on 23.01.2020 at the XR HUB Munich together with his colleague Christoph Rasulis.

How did you get the idea for Blautopf VR?

Already some years ago we had the idea to realize the fascination “cave” first as a film. But it soon became clear that in order to experience these strange and very dark worlds, the user should be able to change his perspective. A perfect chase for VR .

Blautopf VR is the prime example of a VR experience, a space that is not accessible to normal people can be experienced. Have you correctly assessed the challenges of opening up such a location using photogrammetry?

We tested a lot in the run-up and got together with the right experts. For example, we already did the test shots in a show & research cave in 2017 and then tried out the photogrammetry pipeline from realities.io. With the knowledge gained from this test run, we were able to optimise our requirements for local production conditions and the possibilities for story and game design. This more than paid off in the physical production in autumn 2018.

What reasons did you weigh up when you thought about which formats: 360 degree film, VR experience, game you wanted to realize?

In addition to the considerations regarding the production pipeline, we have oriented ourselves to the respective possible usage scenarios in order to reach as many different target groups as possible. If you make such an effort, you want to reach not only the experienced VR gamers* but also people who are putting on VR glasses for the very first time or who may never do so.

Therefore we serve different degrees of involvement “Lean Forward”, “Lean Back” and “Reader” with different forms of experience.

What do you need to know about immersive sound?

Especially when telling immersive stories, the acoustics play an essential role in addition to the visual experience of a room. In our special case, we want to make things experienceable in the dark cave world that one should not see. This is achieved by the three-dimensional sound design by Delta Soundworks and the gripping soundtack by Simona Miranda Melzer.

What is your next project and where do you see the XR theme in the future?

We are always happy to explore innovative ways to find the best way for a story to become a user. The XR theme is also an integral part of the entertainment world. In the near future, however, it will not be possible to go beyond purely industrial applications and AAA-IP licenses without partners such as public broadcasting corporations or funding institutions.

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