Facts and Figures

The application possibilities of VR/AR technologies are broadly diversified.

The areas of application will continue to increase in the coming years. The possible applications in many industrial sectors range from product development, maintenance, repair, assembly or occupational safety to training, marketing and sales. There are also various applications in the consumer sector, ranging from games and the new form of narrative VR experiences to applications in museums, theatre and art.
>br> XR - Contribution to global sales

Deutsche Bank estimates that the global XR market has grown from €500 million to €7.5 billion over the last four years.
>br> Analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate that the new XR market will be worth around USD 80 billion by 2025.

The economic consultant PWC even estimates the potential for global turnover up to 2030 at around 275 billion US dollars.

All figures are under scrutiny due to current developments. Supply bottlenecks for hardware from China will have a negative effect, but the elimination of business and vacation travel and the resulting need for digital solutions for meetings and collaboration over distance should have a positive effect on the XR industry.

The expansion of the 5G network, the technical and aesthetic development of the so-called Head Mounted Displays, the merging of VR and AR in one device, connections to robotics, the use of artificial intelligence etc. will contribute to a positive development of XR in the future.