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Digitaltag 2021: Join our Metaverse

On Digital Day on 18 June 2021, we will celebrate the vernissage of our virtual showroom and present our vision of the Metaverse. Together with the Neuhausen City Library, we have invited guests to present artistic and socially relevant projects in the Metaverse.

At 10.00 a.m. we will start in ZOOM with the welcome and an overview of the day as well as the presentation by Jan Fiedler “VR meets AI – Beat the Bot”.

Afterwards, we invite you to explore the Metaverse together as avatars. Each room has its own link, which you will find in the description of the room. The rooms will be open all day. They are also linked to each other, so you can jump from one room to the next. The artists will be present at the indicated times to give guided tours and answer questions. Further information on entering the rooms and how to move around in them can be found here:

VR meets AI – Beat the Bot – Presentation by Jan Fiedler

A realistic negotiation simulation thanks to artificial intelligence and virtual reality: this is made possible by a new training game that the team of the InnoSÜD sub-project SalesLab at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences developed together with the company partner TriCAT. The aim of the game is to achieve certain goals in a realistic negotiation situation. The counterpart at the virtual negotiating table: a bot that recognises what is being said thanks to artificial intelligence and reacts accordingly. Players can test different styles and learn which negotiation style helps them to be successful. The game could be used, for example, to train sales managers or in business studies to combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.

Jan Fiedler began his career in the media industry as a 3D animator. He later worked as a visual effects producer on award-winning feature films and series such as “Star Trek” or the “Fast And Furious” films and won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the second season of the HBO series “Game Of Thrones”. Always on the lookout for new, innovative technology, Jan started working with virtual reality as early as the Oculus DK1, as it opened up new possibilities for all kinds of media projects. He was project manager for interactive projects for clients like IBM or National Geographic. He is currently researching new methods of knowledge transfer with mixed reality technology, especially in cooperation with partners from higher education, industry and civil society, in order to work on innovative solutions for the challenges of the digital age.

Showroom Forschungverbund InnoSÜD

In the virtual showroom you can see the concept behind ‘Beat the Bot’ as well as further information and a short video demo. Another project from the InnoSÜD research network is also shown. In a series of 360° films, various laboratories created through InnoSÜD are presented. In the 360° dome of the showroom, you can immerse yourself in the logistics laboratory at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and get an explanation of the technology available there.

Link to the virtual showroom

Showroom XR HUB Bavaria

We will show our projects and our visions in our showroom, which we will open for you on Digitaltag.

Link to our showroom.

The artist is present: René Kasperek, the eXperience aRchitect from our team, will be giving a tour of the showroom at 11.30 am on 18 June.

Motets by Adrian Willaert in the Italian Villa sung by Singer Pur

You can experience some motets from the then pioneering collection Musica Nova (first printed in 1559) by Adrian Willaert (1490-1562) in the Italian villa of Jozefien De Praetere and Thomas van den Berge: During the Italian Renaissance, this music was reserved exclusively for the upper classes and the nobility. It was played exclusively in the villas of the time at festivities, concerts, banquets or as a private performance by the owner and patron of the house.

Contributors to the recording:

  • Music composed by Adrian Willaert
  • Vocal ensemble Singer Pur: Claudia Reinhard (soprano), Klaus Wenk, Markus Zapp, Manuel Warwitz (tenors), Reiner Schneider-Waterberg (baritone), Marcus Schmidl (bass)
  • Label – OehmsClassics.

Since its debut concert in March 1992, Singer Pur has developed into one of the leading international a cappella formations.In 1994, the sextet won 1st prize in the “German Music Competition”, and a year later it was awarded the coveted “Grand Prix for Vocal Music” at the International “Tampere Music Festival” in Finland. Concert tours have taken the sextet to over 60 countries, including almost all of Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, China and Central and Southeast Asia. The group has a close musical and friendly collaboration with the world-famous British “Hilliard Ensemble”. The joint project “The Hilliard Ensemble meets Singer Pur”. Regularly released CD recordings not only document the broad diversity of the repertoire, which resembles a journey through the eras of music history, but has also brought the ensemble numerous international prizes, such as the Echo Klassik three times and the Bavarian State Prize for Music.

Link to the Italian villa as concert space for the motets by Adrian Willaert.

The Artist is present: Markus Zapp is waiting for you at the Italian Villa on 18 June at 11 am and will answer your questions.

Learning in new dimensions – with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung will hold a discussion on the potential of XR spaces for digital education in the virtual space developed by Studio Deussen on Digitaltag from 11:00 – 12:00. The XR HUB Bavaria participated in the conception.

The initiator of this project is Dr. Jan Robert Lohmann, Consultant Adenauer Campus, Political Communication.

XR applications are not only something for experts or commercial use, they also offer great potential in educational work. Using an example, concrete possibilities will be looked at and the potential of XR applications will be discussed.

Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Center

You can take a tour of the virtual Diversity & Inclusion Centre to learn more about why you should care about D&I, download e-books with great tips on how to become a more diverse and inclusive company, or take part in the virtual Equalitypoly game.

Wendy Broersen has been a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years, has won several awards, had her own Dutch TV show, is a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and an international speaker. She is CEO/founder of an international company that helps companies attract, retain and develop female workers: Superwomen Academy. She likes to do things differently when she sees that conventional ways don’t work or don’t go fast enough. She is the creator of Equalitypoly, the first business game that helps companies not only talk about diversity but also act on it. She is currently developing Unconscious Bias Training in AR (Augmented Reality).

Link to the exhibition

The Artist is present: Wendy Broersen und Tim Deussen invite you to visit the exhibition on June 18th at noon. The tour will be in English language.

Manifesto1 – a fold becomes a virtual space by Günther Nosch and Mounsif Chetitah

The concept aims to transfer a spatial form that is quite manifest but already completely abstract in the analogue world into the virtual world. As a 3D space, this completely new world, which is difficult to grasp, can be explored by the exhibition visitor as an avatar: Walking a Sculpture.

The random spatial folding of an originally flat surface is penetrated by uniform cables, in the manner of a path system, which, however, has no destination within the system. Only seen from outside the system do the movements of the cables pursue a goal, they map unknown characters. This spatial arrangement, which is difficult to comprehend, is presented to the visitor as a virtual space to explore.

Günter Nosch has lived as an artist and author in Munich since receiving his diploma from the Akademie d.B.K.. He has been working on his Poetic Systems for years, currently on the Nathan Project, which quotes and alienates the writing systems of our world in an unusual way.

Born in Algeria, Mounsif Chetitah studied computer science and visual computing in Paris. Specialises in digital drawing and digital 3-D modelling, works on machine vision and data visualisation. Lives in Würzburg as a PhD student in game development at JMU.

Link to the artwork in virtual space.

The Artist is present: Mousif Chetitah wird um 12.00 Uhr in der virtuellen Skulptur zugegen sein. Die Führung und Diskussion findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Elements of Total Lyricism by Jannik Richter

“Elements of Total Lyricism” is an attempt to break the boundaries of the term lyric – multimedia, striking, offensive. The focus is on the deconstruction of language and is intended to stimulate reflection and discourse on ideological overload and the power of conceptualisations.

Jannik Richter was born in Munich in 1994, where the author also lives and works today. In 2018, he published his first volume of poetry, “Ungestüme Dreistigkeiten”, with Kalliope Paperbacks. The author can be found on the internet under the pseudonym “Richter & Denker”.

Link to the room, Roomcode: 873012

The Artist is present: Jannik Richter will give a guided tour of his exhibition on 18 June at 1 pm.

“The World is Full of Things” – Exhibition and Concert
by and with Verena Richter

Verena Richter’s pictures are like her desserts: colourful and underneath, left over with mustard and whipped cream, chequered and completely unexpected. Come and see for yourself and let your feelings run free: afterwards is like before, only a little later.

The Neuhausen City Library has invited the Munich-based musician, author and draughtswoman Verena Richter to present her exhibition “The World is Full of Things” both in the library and in K 5 Factory’s virtual Summit Hub. Visitors:inside can explore the artist’s paintings and drawings as avatars in our virtual rooms and experience her poems. As a highlight, Verena Richter will play some of her own compositions on the saxophone. The exhibition “The World is Full of Things” can also be seen physically at the Munich Public Library in Neuhausen, Nymphenburger Straße 171b, until 30 June.

Verena Richter studied saxophone in Munich and Italy. In addition, she studied philosophy and attended the German School of Journalism. Concerts have taken her through Germany, Greece and all over Italy. As a scholarship holder of YEHUDI MENUHIN Live Music Now, she performed in hospitals, kindergartens and homes, among other places.

Link to the virtual exhibition.

The artist is present: Verena Richter will play a concert of her own pieces on 18 June at 2 p.m., followed by a guided tour of the virtual exhibition.

GREENERY feat. HALFLIFE by Regina Maria Bäck

The atmosphere of this exhibition in K 5 Factory’s Summit Hub oscillates between nature and alienation – relaxing by the pool meets the “fading” of biodiversity. The visitors can “see through” these plant transformation processes in various filters. During the guided tours, there is the possibility to explore the theme in their own spaces with augmented reality-based drawing software DesignAR. The exhibition is thus expanded as a creative collective project.

DesignAR (Android/AR-core) was developed in an interdisciplinary team with Chris Götschl, Prof. Wenrich (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) and Prof. Dorner (KSH Munich).

Regina Bäck was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In her doctoral project (doctoral programme Ethics, Culture and Education), she is currently working on the opportunities and limits or media-cultural dimensions of augmented and virtual reality for art teaching.

As an artist she has been involved in solo and group exhibitions since 2012 (PunktPunktKommaKunst, Ist das Kunst oder krabbelt es weg? Currently: Get Spatial and Hope #withmalala, artspaces)

Link to the virtual exhibition.

The Artist is present: Regina Maria Bäck will give a guided tour of her exhibition on 18 June at 4 pm and 7 pm.

Devenir Cyborg by Marie-Ève Levasseur

In this virtual space, Marie-Ève Levasseur invites us into a transitional zone where the boundaries between body, technology and nature blur, a territory of all possibilities where identities and anatomies change, evolve and merge and hybrid communication becomes a reality. Thus, chemical messages from our bodies and a new skin based on algae and nanoparticles (surface 4.0) reintroduce the uncontrollable and surprising in communication. It is about online dating, science fiction and body extensions. Two works are presented here. Space and content were created by the artist. In the room there is, among others, a link to download and try out an experimental video game. Have fun discovering!

Marie-Ève Levasseur (*1985, Canada) studied media art in Montreal as well as in Leipzig. Her work is multidisciplinary and deals with intimacy, interactions, non-human ecosystems, technologies as extensions and the interdependence between humans and other (living) beings. Using various forms and techniques such as video, installation, sculpture and 3D animation, she questions the proximity of technological and organic surfaces in a posthuman context. The method she uses draws from feminist science fiction and its emancipatory potential. Her work has been shown in London, Berlin, Montreal, Zurich and Hong Kong.

Link to the virtual exhibtion.

XR Space Cinema presents: Shortfilms by Biljana Garanlieva

In our virtual cinema we are showing the two short films “Tobacco Girls” and “The Seamstresses” by the late documentary filmmaker Biljana Garvanlieva as well as the exhibition “The Loving Ones” by Manuel Zimmer and Tim Deussen.

Link to the cinemafoyer and link to further information to the projects.

The Shy Dancer VR Version

‘The Shy Dancer VR’ is an adaptation of the EP ‘The Shy Dancer’ released in September. Like the original, it is a neoclassical composition that explores themes of love, passion and strangeness through dialogue between instruments. In the VR version performed here, the listener can move between these musical elements. For this, the original score served as a loose framework for a more contemporary compositional technique.

New additions are elements of electronic alienation, repetitive patterns and melodic shifts, some of which are reminiscent of electronic music.

Link to the room and link to further information.

Here you can experience contemporary history in virtual space! Immediately after his nine-month stay in prison, the civil rights activist and writer Jürgen Fuchs published his interrogation protocols in 1977, a piece of GDR contemporary history. The texts, written down from memory, are an impressive response to the brutality of the psychological torture methods used by the State Security and provide a deep insight into the inhumane prison conditions at the central remand prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen.

Link to the room and link to further information.

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