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Italian villa in Renaissance garden – by Jozefien de Praetere & Thomas von den Berge

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This charming Italian estate comprises a Renaissance villa and garden. Inside, a gilded ornate ceiling contrasts the colourful wall paintings. An elegant Rosewood lounge completes the room. Outside, several walkways pass along cypress rows, buxus greenery, marble ponds and a statue.

This space takes visitors hundreds of years back in time to the Renaissance period in Italy. Situated in a sunny Mediterranean climate, a charming villa surrounded by a stately garden offers both indoor and outdoor uses.

The estate is inspired by several beautiful Italian creations, such as Villa Cetinale near Siena, villa Farnesina in Rome, villa Emo near Padova and Giardino Giusti in Verona. Inside, a typical gilded ornate ceiling contrasts colourful wall paintings. The right wall shows a work of Angelica Kauffmann, who portrayed herself choosing between music or painting when she started her career in Rome. On the left, Earth’s Paradise and the loading of the Arc of Noah is depicted, a work from Jan Brueghel the elder.

A typical Italian Grottesca decorates the wall above the front door, while painted stone pillars accentuate the main room’s entrance and corners. A modestly decorated Rosewood lounge completes the room.

The garden is constructed according to the typical Renaissance play of symmetrical geometric figures. Several walkways pass along cypress rows, buxus greenery, marble ponds and a statue.

The space offers both in- and outdoor use. Visitors can walk through both the front and back garden, as well as the villa’s corridor and largest room. A default lounge is placed, which can be customised or taken out. Two empty painting frames have an integrated media-player.


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Ideas for usage

A (business) meeting:

Upon entering the virtual space, attendants find themselves in the courtyard. The host is standing on the upper terrace and welcomes the guests. After a brief chat to introduce themselves and catch up, the attendants climb the stairs to the second floor, where a spacious room with large windows overlooking the garden is awaiting them. One of the integrated displays depicts the host’s presentation, another an accompanying video. When the presentation is paused for a brainstorm session, some attendants move to the courtyard and garden in order to discuss in smaller groups. They later re-join the other attendants in the large room and continue the meeting as planned. The combination of a garden and indoor space allows an alternation between small talk, meetings, breaks and brainstorm or breakout sessions and resembles the displacement during a working day in real life.

An art exhibition:

A selection of artworks can be uploaded and exhibited across the garden. Attendants can admire the art and walk through the exhibition at their own pace, enjoying the sunny Mediterranean climate in the background. Inside, art interpretations and in-depth discussions are scheduled at fixed hours. Attendants can join the sessions of their interest, or continue walking through the exhibition outside.

A product portfolio presentation:

Similar to the art exhibition, a variety of 3D models from a product catalogue can be placed across the garden. Invited clients can independently take a look at the presented products, and enter the villa in order to discuss their questions during a Q&A with the company’s (sales) representatives.

A casual hangout space:

In a world where remote work becomes increasingly important, virtual meetings are a welcome variation on the classical Skype and Zoom webcam interface. Whether colleagues want to catch up during sick/parental leaves or quarantines, or international teams want to get to know each other across borders, escaping to a sunny classical villa with garden offers casual hangout opportunities in a pleasant and relaxing setting.

User requirements:

It is possible that your standing height is incorrect when entering a space in Mozilla Hubs in VR. To fix it, crouch down (in real life), open the VR settings menu by pressing the menu button on your controller, find the “reset seated position” option and click it. After your position has been reset, you can stand up to the correct height in Mozilla Hubs.

“How to implement” – readme file

Media screens:

You can change the videos on display by editing the space in Mozilla Hubs and changing the URL on the two video players inside the villa. Since Mozilla Hubs does not yet support screen sharing or PowerPoint, you are advised to make a recording of the content you wish to present and upload it (as an unlisted video) to YouTube. You can pause and restart the video any time.

Changing the furniture:

You can move or delete the furniture inside the villa by editing the space in Mozilla Hubs. You can also duplicate an existing sofa or chair to add more. To do so, right click on the name of the object and click ‘duplicate’.

Adding new models:

You can upload or find a model on, and then add it to the villa or garden by editing the space in Mozilla Hubs. You can place a new model by copying the Sketchfab URL into the model’s properties.

Please inform the authors/creators of the space if you use it and share some photos or videos of your event with them and the XR HUB Bavaria on social media. Thank you! Enjoy and have fun!

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