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New Realities: The XR Podcast – Episode 8 In mixed reality the destroyed city of Palmyra can be visited again

New Realities is a joint podcast project of 1E9 and the XR HUB Bavaria in which we present new realities – i.e. projects, ideas, concepts and products in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Or in short: in Extended Reality.
And because we are currently experiencing a completely different kind of “new reality” with the Corona Crisis, the first episodes of this podcast will focus on how we can use XR technologies to better deal with curfews and contact bans.

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast at  PodigeeSpotifyDeezer und bei Apple Music.
Here’s how you can create great VR events with a free tool.

Episode 8 In mixed reality the destroyed city of Palmyra can be visited again

Listening time: 28 minutes <p></p>

Zaid Zaim is 19 and fled with his family from Syria to Germany before the war. With the help of mentors and the ReDi School for Digital Integration, he learned to work with mixed reality and Microsoft’s MR glasses. He used this knowledge to bring back a piece of historical but destroyed Syria and to show it in Germany. With his project he also takes part in the “New Realities” competition of 1E9 and the XR HUB Bavaria.

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Wolfgang Kerler is editor-in-chief and co-founder of 1E9-Denkfabrik, where he is responsible for the content of the digital magazine, podcasts and videos. Before that, the trained journalist was head of the editorial office of the German WIRED, correspondent in the ARD capital city studio and reporter for Bayerischer Rundfunk. Contact via oder @WolfgangKerler

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