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Space Tiki Bar – by MucSciFi

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Welcome to the gorgeous SPACE-TIKI BAR on a lonely Exoplanet

The fantastic journey to a remote exoplanet takes the astronaut to the mysterious Space Tiki Bar. An unknown culture has left a hodgepodge of exotic plants, artifacts and architecture on this planet. Make yourself comfortable in the bar and enjoy the view into space!

The room can be used as a party, conference, festival or relaxation location. (The number of avatars depends on the server).

– follow this link:

Requirements for users

Scene details:
Number of polygons: approx. 90,000
File size: approx. 50 MB

Recommended system requirements:
Browser Desktop: Chrome / Firefox / Safari – must support WebXR (WebGL)
Browser Mobile: Chrome / Firefox
OS: Windows 7/10, Mac OS X, Android
Internet connection: WLAN / cable with +25 MBit

Display varies depending on system/browser combination(!)

Due to technical limitations on iOS/iPadOS, the display on Apple mobile devices (iPad/iPhone – all browsers, since Safari render engine has to be used) is not or only insufficiently supported.

“With the kind support and assistance of”

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Münchner Science & Fiction Festival – art and science Gotzingerstr. 48 81371 München Marcus Morba | Show it 360


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