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SpongeSpace – by Cyan Planet

A space for working, learning and networking

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Here is the link to the SpongeSpace:

If you are planning an event, you can request a separate instance with your own private link, which you can use exclusively for your event. Only those who have this link (or access code) can enter your room!

Just write to us at with a short description of how and in what way you would like to use the virtual space. Please note that at the moment the maximum number of participants is 24.

Please inform the Cyan Planet team when you use SpongeSpace for an event and share some photos or videos of your event on social media.
Many thanks and have fun!

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About SpongeSpace:

SpongeSpace was created by Cyan Planet in collaboration with the architect Anna Pavelkova. Our special focus is the mental and emotional well-being of the users of our virtual space. Studies show that “blue spaces”, i.e. the proximity to water, such as coasts, rivers or even wells, have a positive impact on people’s mental health and psychosocial well-being. SpongeSpace takes advantage of these influences, creating a soothing marine environment with a peaceful atmosphere that provides a safe, comfortable and stimulating space for working, learning and networking.

The sea sponge, as a space to come together and work productively, underlines its fundamental importance in marine ecosystems

The entrance to SpongeSpace is at the foot of the sponge. You enter the round centre of the sponge, which serves as an open multi-purpose hall for events, conferences and exhibitions. From this central room, a spiral staircase leads up along the inner wall of the sponge to smaller rooms embedded in the wall of the sponge. These rooms can be used for smaller meetings or working groups. A highlight are the viewing platforms for coffee breaks and informal meetings, which are located at different heights in the pores of the sponge and allow a view of the open sea.

The highest point in SpongeSpace is the Marine Conservation Hub, which provides access to soothing 360° underwater videos and information on protecting the ocean. Here the users* can let themselves be inspired, meditate, or simply experience a moment of reflection.

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