XR HUB Munich

Where community creates XR.

XR HUB Munich

The XR HUB Munich is located at Medien.Bayern GmbH, where it is the fourth of a total of six pillars: Media Network, Media Days Munich, Media Lab Bavaria, XR HUB Munich, Virtual Worlds Festival, XPLR MEDIA.

The expertise available at Medien.Bayern GmbH in the areas of media, communication and XR makes it possible to leverage synergies from which the XR HUB Bavaria as a whole benefits.

Our offices, which we share with the Media Lab Bayern, are located in Munich at the Ostbahnhof (east railway station) next to the factory district.

Yust drop by and visit us, you are warmly welcome!

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XR HUB Munich – Main focus

The XR HUB Munich is the contact, information and communication interface for the entire XR ecosystem in Bavaria. It supports the professionalisation of XR players in Bavaria, contributes to increasing their innovative strength and visibility.

In addition, it provides the public with access to XR through general information and opportunities to experience XR first hand.

The XR HUB Munich is also responsible for the overall coordination of the three locations and promotes the internationalization of the XR HUB Bavaria.

We answer your questions

  • In which business areas can XR be used?
  • What benefits does XR bring me?
  • Can XR help to increase sales or reduce costs?
  • Is it worth investing in XR today?
  • Does XR currently only make sense for large corporations or is it also suitable for medium-sized companies?
  • What opportunities does XR offer artists and creative professionals?

You ask yourself these or similar questions about XR? You want to try the technology yourself? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us!


XR HUB München

Rosenheimer Straße 145e

81671 München

089 68999-0


Silke Schmidt

Head of XR HUB Munich

089 68999-251