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Vision Skyland – by Sir Gulliver Klauser & Moritz Brunner

Visionary sky landscape

#virtualfestival #visioncreation #digitalgathering

“Like in a dream, an inspiring flying island landscape. The islands offer various event/exhibition venues, ideal for a virtual festival. Art, culture and meditation are part of a recreational experience.”

Here you can get to the flying island landscape:

Please inform the architects of this visionaly sky landscape if you use it for an event and share some images of your event on social media.

Opportunities for the users:
On the stages you can upload songs or embed a Dj livestream link.
In the Zen garden you can watch art in seclusion accompanied by pleasant sounds or simply feel the Zen.
The tippi and the campfire, like in the old Indian culture, offers a meeting place that invites to have a circle-like conversation or to present a project.
Some places have to be discovered and surprise you with different audio-visual experiences.
The different islands can be designed by the organizers according to their needs and defined spots offer the possibility for the participating artists and speakers to present their creations or panels.

No specific requirements. Vision Skyland is accessible with any device (mobile, desktop and headset). Internet access is the only requirement.

Please inform the author/creator of the room if you use it and share some photos or videos of your event on social media. Thanks a lot and have fun!

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