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XR Spaces – Launch & Terms of use


The virtual spaces and landscapes of the winners of our “Dream your virtual Space” competition have arrived.

This is reason enough to launch our XR Spaces platform.

An overview and the respective links to the XR Spaces can be found here.

We assume that these terms and instructions for use have been read and accepted before use.

IMPORTANT: Notes on the use of the spaces

We now invite all visitors* to discover our virtual rooms. The instances of the VR Rooms (Mozilla Hubs XR Spaces) that you find on our website, our lab or our XR Spaces web app are hosted on our domains by ourselves, but are freely accessible to everyone. So be prepared to get to know one or the other Bavarian XR interested party during your discovery tour!

You can now consider organising your own events, such as meetings, workshops or art exhibitions for friends, customers or partners in one of our XR Spaces. All your participants need is an up-to-date browser, preferably Mozilla FireFox, on a device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. The best experience, however, is in virtual reality with one of the common VR headsets.

If you are planning an event, you can request a separate instance with your own private link, which you can use exclusively for your event. Only those who have this link (or access code) can enter your room!

Just write to us at with a short description of which, how and in what way you would like to use the virtual space. Please note that at the moment the maximum number of participants is 24.

Mozilla Hubs has provided a good intro video that describes the use of virtual rooms based on their open source software. The XR HUB Bavaria hosts an own instance of this software on Amazon Web Services. The designs of the rooms are protected by copyright and are subject to the respective architects. The use of the rooms is intended exclusively for non-commercial purposes. It is permitted and desired to contact the designers of the rooms directly.


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
Mehr erfahren

Video laden

Own content

If you want to include information, pictures and videos in your events, we suggest that you prepare the following formats, which can be integrated very well into these spaces:

  • 3D models can be integrated from Google Poly or Sketchfab databases or directly uploaded as glTF
  • Image files: jpg or png
  • Video files: In the common mpeg4 format, but you should pay attention to small file sizes
  • 360 degree video max. in 4K (here too, small file sizes are preferred!)
  • audio files: Audio recordings in mp3 format
  • PDF files (Power Point could be exported as PDF files, for example)

The XR HUB Bavaria cannot take any responsibility for how users handle copyrighted or confidential content and explicitly refers to the terms of use of Mozilla Hubs. Anyone entering a room agrees to these terms of use.

In particular, it should be noted that uploaded data is loaded onto one or more servers of Amazon Web Services. The servers are located in the EU and are subject to EU law.

We wish you lots of fun at your events!

Mozilla Hubs – Quick Guide


  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to walk around
  • Hold down your left mouse button to rotate your view
  • Use E or to quickly turn left or right
  • Hold & release your right mouse button to teleport to the pointer

User Interface


  • Number 2 on the user interface allows you to:
    – Share your current screen or
    – To share your camera image (webcam)

  • Press to trigger the flying mode (also with /fly in chat)
    – Press to fly forward and to fly backward
    – Flying happens in the direction you are looking to
    – Hold your left mouse button to change the direction

Press Space to open object menu 

to delete objects:

or to hide and mute others:

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